Network Expertise


  •     Simulation and Testing
  •     Formal Proof
  •     User Validation
  •     Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
  •     Hybrid Control Systems
  •     Human Robot Interaction
  •     Probabilistic Verification
  •     Model-Checking

Potential Applications:

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  •     Safety Critical Systems
  •     Certification of Unmanned air vehicles
  •     Safe (and road-worthy) driverless cars
  •     Autonomous robotics in nuclear, chemical and biological processes
  •     Human-robot teamwork, both in work and home contexts
  •     Deep underwater, deep space, and deep underground exploration
  •     Autonomous ocean surface monitoring and exploration
  •     Autonomous sensing and control in smart cities
  •     Trustworthy robotic assistants for home and health-care
  •     Robotic diagnosis, rehabilitation, or surgery
  •     Autonomous satellites handling sensing, monitoring, and communication
  •     Precision farming
  •     Robotic search, clean-up or rescue
  •     Nano-robotics


  •     Legal Issues, Standards, and Certification
  •     Validation
  •     Reliability and Robustness
  •     Robot Ethics
  •     Predictability  and Uncertainty
  •     Safety and Security
  •     Fault Tolerance