Workshop: Future of Nuclear Robotics Safety Cases – 11 September 2018

11th September 2018 – Manchester

Organised by the Universities of Liverpool and York, with the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

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This first workshop introduced the current certification processes, highlighting some of the issues as we move towards more sophisticated Robotics and AI solutions, and discussed the way forward, with talks by representatives from the Universities of Liverpool and York, and the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR).


The workshop was attended by people from industry, academia, or government, with an interest in robotics, autonomy, AI, safety, assurance, and certification, and those involved in EPSRC/ISCF activities such as the RAIN Hub, the NCNR Hub, or the Robotics for Nuclear Environments and Assuring Autonomy programmes.


presentation slides are available by clicking the presentation title links below:

Time Activity Speaker
09:00 Tea/Coffee
09:20 Welcome and introduction Michael Fisher
09:30 Brief Introductions to the RAIN Hub, NCNR Hub, and RNE programme. Barry LennoxManchester RAIN Hub


10:00 Introduction to Nuclear Safety and Regulation Steve Frost and Daniel Finnigan – ONR
10:45 Break
11:00 Claims, Arguments, Evidence (inc case study) Tim Parkes – ONR
12:00 Future Issues: Autonomy, Uncertainty, Security Michael Fisher Liverpool, V&V of RAS Network, RAIN Hub
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Assuring Autonomy International Programme Tim KellyYork
14:30 Please bring your questions/queries/concerns. ONR Inspectors available for Q&A. We can discuss
– (semi) autonomous robotic systems
– safety of such systems on a licenced nuclear site
– what are the next steps for this group (and subsequent events/activities)
– etc
16:00 Close